Monday, July 19, 2010

Yes, Decomposing Meat Snacks. Just What I Want.

Remember that disgusting neon green Zombie Blood drink that I poisoned by body with? Well the evil candy corporation Harcos that put out that insipid fluid is now putting out a brand of beef jerky.
Yeah, and if the gimmicky allure of raw-dried zombie flesh doesn't appeal to you maybe this picture of a strip of it will wet your palette.
Mmmm, yeah. That's exactly what I want from my beef jerky.

On the topic of green zombie epidermis' my friend and fellow animator Frank Giggleboots informed me about a teaser trailer for an animated adaptation of Eric Powell's comic 'The Goon'! Huzzah! And it looks like we're finally going to get an American computer animated film with at least a PG-13 rating. Give it a look.

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