Thursday, July 22, 2010

Technological Age

When it comes down to it I'd much rather use good old pencil and paper over animating digitally. Despite the convenience that animating digitally offers. So I've been trying to ween myself onto Flash animating and leave paper as my second string. It has been a rough transition, especially while trying to work on my Wacom. Don't get me wrong, my tablet is a wonderful piece of technology, but after being spoiled by the $5,000 Cyntiques that they have in the Augenblick Studio I'm probably going to have to wait till I get back to Philadelphia and use one of those instead.

This entire thought comes about because several weeks ago I started working on a teaser promo for my very good friend Mikey Mullen, who is working on a monster movie in the coming months. This quick little clip is something I came up with by slaving over a warm Cyntique screen for a few hours. Be sure to watch it in full-screen.
Again, just a really dry run and this is pretty much the most work I've done animating directly in Flash. Practice makes perfect.

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