Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Supreme Flavor!

Doctor Strange is one of the few super heroes who can get away with wearing old man pajamas and sporting a mustache that was only in style thirty years ago. Actually he is the only one. The sorcerer supreme is high up on my ladder as far as awesome characters go, even though some people do not enjoy the good doctor's existence. I'm looking at you Jim Semple! You know what I'm talking about!

A powerful sorcerer with an unorthodox costume, who lives in Greenwich Village, and has had multiple involvements with several different dimensions. It's about time that they made a felt black-light poster.
Space-Wizard. The Unreleased Steve Miller Album

I would make a joke that somehow involved Dormamu, but just referencing it is nerdy enough for the geeks reading this to chuckle. To accompany this AWESOME poster I did a quick little sketch of Doctor Strange myself.

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