Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let Me Tell You About Cult Status

It's a shame when good ideas are cancelled or never given a shot and horrible ideas are given TV spots in the middle of the day. I'm looking at you Garfield Show!
Don't look at it for to long, you'll go sterile.

But some cartoons get the green light, like Adventure Time, which got its time in the sun after it became popular online. Hopefully this show will have the same luck on Nickelodeon.

The Modifyers is a wonderful mixture of British (slightly) humor, steampunk-esque gadgets, and an aesthetic that is a mix between 'Foster's Home', 'The X's' and 'The Phantom Tollbooth' for anyone who remembers watching that in the library in 4th grade when they wanted us to shut up. Give it a look for yourself, and hopefully it will get enough interweb fame to get a chance on the TV box.

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