Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Back B*tch!

Wow, there has been alot happening since my last post back in early May. Trucks crashing and releasing hordes of bees in the Mid-West, horrible father's on PCP eating their son's eyes, King Koopa passed away, and fish have grown hands.

I honestly have no idea to begin, or what questions to answer. Why is the show Flashpoint so bad? What's been going on in comics recently? Why is the pink ranger Kimberly in the show Flashpoint?

Well comic book wise, I'm balls deep in the opus that is X-Men: Second Coming. Which has been fantastic on all accounts, which is rare to see when you have multiple writers working towards one main story arc. If you're not reading it, I'm not going to bother explaining it. But for you to understand the photos that are going to follow I need to explain the prologue a bit.

Okay, so think 3 Men & A Baby, but you kill Guttenberg and Danson and Selleck is played by Cable. Well that baby is trained and condition to be a soldier that will be the messiah of the mutant race when the time comes. Well before Second Coming came out Marvel decided to do a little short story written by Duane Swiercyznski and drawn by the incredibly mediocre Steve Dillon (except for Preacher). I came across this comic while helping my good friend Gus organize his collection, and I figured I'd do him a favor and do this.
And yes, this comic got what it deserved. I'm a die hard comic geek, but I'm not above burning horrible work.

So let that book burning be the signal lantern for my official return to my blog for the summer. Expect alot of sketches, comic book reviews, guest writers, animations, music reviews, and the latest going on in the nerdverse.

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