Friday, June 4, 2010

Culinary Quality Of Grey Matter

Thankfully for Horror nerds the Zombie genre hasn't been turned into a pathetic mass of regret and mediocrity like Vampires have over the past couple of years. If 'Twilight' Body Shimmer isn't big enough of a sign of that.
I don't think Bram Stoker imagined that this would be the future of Vampires in literature

Everything Zombie wise from books, movies, comic books, and now TV shows are helping keep up appearances for the flesh feasting crowds.
Hey! I work on that show!

But upon one previous trip to a store in the mall that features topics of a warm nature me and my good friend Gus came upon this horrific drink.
Made by the same company that brought the previously tasted Blood Pack Energy Potion, comes the "Lime" flavored Zombie Blood Energy Potion. I use the word lime loosely. Instead of explaining how bad this drink was I made a little video instead.
To keep with the theme of this post here are a few sketchbook pages of zombie sketches I did over the past couple days. Sorry for the poor quality of the image, but I do not see myself buying a scanner anytime soon.
Also, I would feel like a failure if I didn't make note of the newly released image of zombie make-up for the upcoming mini-series 'The Walking Dead', based off the best comic book on store shelves of the same name.
I approve. Be ready for the next post that is loaded with Frankensteins'!

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  1. That zombie juice looked disgusting, like melted down green skittles.