Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Keystone Of My Creative Process

Now it will come to no surprise to anyone that my list of influences is about the length of a roll of toilet paper. When it comes to creating characters, mainly super heroes and villains, several comic books/characters come to mind as catalysts of inspiration. X-Men, WILD Cats, The Authority, and the Batman rogues gallery (which if you want to increase your drawing ability take time and draw each of them).

But one book stands above the rest when it comes to a cavalcade of original characters. That book is Top 10.

Top 10 (the first volume) was drawn by the excellent Gene Ha and written by one of my heroes. Alan Moore. Now I’ll be the first to admit that the dark wizard of comic books can get a little wordy with his books. There are giant sections of Watchmen I just skipped over. I don’t care about your pocket watch Doctor Manhattan! But Moore tones it down for Top 10 and let’s the cavalcade of creative characters run the story. If you’re looking for diversity in your super heroes you’ll be hard pressed to do so. Let me clear up the plot for you. After World War II the super scientists left over were commissioned to create a giant metropolis to live in instead of returning to normal life. The city is soon filled with not only super scientists, but super powered humans, cyborgs, aliens, monsters, and pretty much the collective works of L. Ron Hubbard (proof that the book is fiction. Take that scientology! Sting a little? And no I will not go see Knight & Day!)

The only way for a city of super heroes and villains to be policed is by super heroes. The Top 10 are the most skilled members of the police force. Aside from the fantastic story and incredible art the layout of the comic panels are really something to behold. I can’t do it justice through text, so just take a look at some page scans.

Google does not offer any images that due this book nearly enough justice. If you like comedy and super heroes portrayed in a light to make them seem like everyday Not even that. Just go pick this book up regardless of what you like. It has something for everyone.

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