Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tales From The Road And Last Weekend in Philly

I'm currently sitting on a bed with not sheets or pillows staring at blank white walls, which means either I'm in an insane asylum or that I'm finally moving out of my apartment. Hold on...nope not an insane asylum. I'm anxiously waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around so I can finally sign out of my building and head to my good friend Zak Parson's GET 1LL t-shirt release party.
Being my last week(end) in Philly, I'm trying to gather in as much city life (which I've come to love) as possible before I officially return home to the sunny suburbs of NJ for the summer months. So of course when there were free Scientology stress tests being given on the sidewalk the other day I had take one. Afterwards the kindly old man in a white coat gave me this.
We have already started working on a Dianetics drinking game.

I also finished my first day at Augenblick on Wednesday, working towards getting my official Augenblick mug. Looking forward to going back again next week.

I've felt like a tri-state area world traveler the past three days, commuting between NYC, NJ, and PA. In the midst of all the hours sitting on buses and in cars I've sketched a few little drawings. Here is one from my trip back into Philly the other morning.
If you're wondering, it's a sketch of Alan Moore. There will be Moore in the future...I hate myself.

I'm going to take a bit of a vacation from posting stuff for a while, once I get all settled in back home I will deliver some A+ material. Until then have a good month of May.

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  1. hahaha.

    Also, awesome and good luck and fun times at Augenblick.

  2. I feel as though you really captured the essence of Alan Moore :P