Monday, April 5, 2010

Vikings & Vampires

Hope everyone had a good Easter. I enjoyed a quick and air conditioned church service (the Methodists got it right), but was upset when I saw a 12 year old kid wearing a Naruto headband. I searched for his parents for the hope of slapping them for doing a terrible job, but I was unsuccessful. After Jesus time my friends Joe, Krystle, and myself went and saw 'How To Train Your Dragon' and was overjoyed with it. I was extremely excited for this movie and I was blown away. Everything from the animation, to the 3D, to the comedy, to the voice acting, and all the stuff in-between. An A+ movie, also I may or may not have related closely with the main character.
Expect a good amount of viking sketches soon. Anyways, I am on the cusp of demo reel completion. One more night in the studio and everything should be all wrapped up and ready to go. I am contacting Augenblick this week, so hopefully my interview will be sometime in late April. As I said before, my final animation is involving vampires (not gay ones). So here is a tiny snip-it, which I plan to elaborate on.
That's all for now. Good talking with ya.

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