Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good God Do I Hate Peeps

So I surprised the family by hitching a ride home for Easter, or as I like to call it, The Jesus Reunion Tour. I just returned from the bar with several good friends and in my inebriated mind frame I had a spark of nerd and scribbled this while enjoying drinks at our lopsided table.
Happy Zombie Jesus Day everybody. I also got bored in the animation studio on Friday and left other animators a little present.
So adorable. This is a really scatter brained post, and I'm not gonna tell you how close I am to finishing my demo reel since I've done it 5 times before. So, in short, enjoy your egg hunts, your white shoes, your edible grass, or however you celebrate Easter. I'm going to get some sleep, go to church, and then finally go see How to Train Your Dragon around lunch with Joe and Krystle, who also suggested a very delicious mixed drink for us at Bums tonight, and she should be applauded for. A drink I've decided to name "Russian Cream Soda". Feel free to ask me for the mix.

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