Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still On The Shelf

So almost a year ago, my friend Rob Paramonte and myself came up with the idea and outline for a ten issue comic book series. The first two issues were written, but due to work and time constraints we weren't able to produce issue #1 to our dismay. Fast-forward to about a week ago, my design class was given a project to create a piece of artwork that is inspired by another. So I figured why not make the cover for the little comic that could, but didn't.
So the color scheme of Century Man's costume is not red and grey. Actually he doesn't look anything like the character on the main cover, but if I did color and draw Century Man in all his glory I'd have to explain why he wears a wrench as a belt and has brown and grey steel workers clothes to an entire class and try not to sound insane. So this is what they get.

Demo Reel. Almost Done. Literally. I'm finishing the final animation(s) tonight for it. And you will have it in the grasp of your eyes soon. Also Joe Michelini and the other wonderful folks of River City Extension (from my stomping grounds) are being very nice and donating the instrumental version of their song 'Clever and Quickness' to me for use in my demo reel.

Give em a look here at there Blogspot.
And give em a listen here on their Myspace, it's a good time for your ears.
(Photo taken in scenic Toms River, NJ)

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