Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Joss We Trust

So in the wide scale of directors of comic book movies only a few stand out as decent. Stephen Norrington took the brilliance that is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and turned it into a film so bad it ended Sean Connery's career. Bryan Singer did a mediocre job on the first two X-Men movies and then left make Superman Returns just as bad. And we're not going to talk about Mark Steven Johnson, who aside from having three first names (yes I count Johnson), made the atrocious films: Daredevil, Elektra, and Ghost Rider.
(I firmly believe that if this scene was in Ghost Rider it would've been a better film)
But nerds can rejoice (hopefully) because one of our own is rumored to be the director of the soon to be 'Avengers' movie. Joss Whedon of 'Buffy' and 'Firefly' fame has had his name tossed around as the possible captain at the helm of a movie that will make or break Marvel Studios and a small chunk of the behemoth that is Disney. I have extreme faith in Whedon's ability to deliver an A+ 'Avengers' film, especially if he is involved in the writing process. Comic fans know of his work on comics like the Buffy Series, Astonishing X-Men (brilliant), and Runways (second place only to Brian K. Vaughn's run), and several more. So we know the man has very high comic credentials.
(lead us, oh wise Whedon)

Being a broke college student I have cut back majorly on my comic book purchasing. Whenever I come across a spare $3 and 27 cents I'll go pick up whatever interests me on the rack or the latest issue of Uncanny. And since I'm being so frugal I haven't been able to keep up to date with Siege sadly, so I am not aware of the major happenings in the Marvel universe right now outside of the X-Men and Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors. If you haven't been reading Secret Warriors slap yourself in the face and go buy the first trade. But with news of the Avengers movie moving forward I was inspired to start some work on possible characters that I will animate into an Avengers/Marvel animation. Stay tuned for several sketches of characters that I'm going to be posting throughout the week.

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  1. oh no! cutting back on your comic book purchasing! blasphemy!