Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Immortal Weapon of Kun'Lun

So here is the first sketch page in the series of Marvel characters that I'm going to be posting over the week or so. Iron Fist is easily in my top 5 comic book characters of all time and I feel doesn't get the love he deserves, especially since Marvel cancelled the series a while back. If you want to learn more about Danny Rand's past, how he became an Immortal weapon, and the Iron Fist's that came before him I highly recommend picking up the trade's of the latest Iron Fist series, which was written by the amazing team of Brubaker & Fraction for a good chunk of issues. It's as close as you can get to intense kung-fu action without getting kicked in the jaw or your heart pulled from your chest..
The color of the scanned paper varies because the scanners in the studio aren't big enough to capture the whole image so I had to do some layering work in Photoshop. The next sketch page promises to be alot stranger.

I have no segue for this next paragraph, but I am officially heading into Brooklyn come Wednesday for my interview with Augenblick Studios in hopes of getting an intern position with them over the summer. Wish me luck.

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