Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Day Has Come!

Finally! After months of slaving away over a hot light-box and a computer screen choked with Flash I have completed my first ever demo reel. Enough talk. Here it is, give it a look, give me some views, spread it around like butter on a really large piece of toast.
In "why is that not in my room?" news. Two nice people by the name of Brian and Jen, who I have no idea who they are were commissioned to make a plush Super Villain office for Etsy in NYC.
To see more of this adorable office that would be inside of precious little iceberg or an abandoned volcano island shaped like a Scorpion check out Super Punch!
This super villain post is going to be a set-up for a very heavily based comic book update in the near future.

Currently Listening To: The Rose Captain -- Sea Wolf

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