Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything That Was Right With The 90s

I don't know your feelings on the 90s, but being a child of that decade and having been drenched in the horrible films and music that was born during years of rap-rock (Limp Bizkit's 'Significant Others' album was banned in my house), Clinton, and when the X-Games actually mattered to people. But one movie, in my mind, stands out as the perfect representation of 90s culture. 'Tank Girl', aside from being an amazing comic book was one of the first comic book movies (doesn't mean it was good). And if you really break down the film, you'll see it has all the things that made the 90s enjoyable. Hot girls in control of destructive vehicles, lots of flanel, college alterna-rock, anthropomorphic kangaroos (Ice-T), and flashy comic book graphics flying at your face.

The sketch going along with this post is a portrait I did of my friend Cassidy (or if you're going by her Roller Derby name "Wrathleen Hanna") for her birthday. Her being a HUGE Tank Girl fan, I tried to style it as close to Jamie Hewlett as possible without being a knock-off.
This post has inspired me to do a monthly blog segment called "Adam's Comic Bin" where I'll review one of my old comics from my long-boxes. This month's comic is Grant Morrison's limey, pulp, anarchistic romp known as 'Kill Your Boyfriend'.
'Kill Your Boyfriend' is relatively short for a graphic novel, but Morrison is really good at saying what he needs to in a short amount of pages, and this book is a prime example. The story is a sort of Romeo and Juliet meets Natural Born Killers. A young school girl is seduced by the nefarious nature of a young anarchist who convinces her to kill her boring and sci-fi infatuated boyfriend. Hence the title of the book. The two of them go on a spree filled with robbery, sex, drugs, alcohol, murder, gay sex, and a stand-off at a carnival. Philip Bond does that artwork. It is that British "guerilla style" artwork, very similar to Hewlitt, Mike McMahon, or Rufus Dayglo. Give it a read. You can finish it within an hour and you'll want to take a shower right after. If that's not a good reason to buy I don't know what is.

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  1. "Kill Your Boyfriend"! One of the many awesome graphic novels that you got me to read.