Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eyelids Like Bricks

I'm running on two hours of sleep right now, and the only thing keeping me awake right now is my new addiction to the Adult Swim dot com game 'Robot Unicorn Attack'
If you value your free time do not play. You will find your seconds turning into minutes turning into a possible hour sinking into the screen and melding with the smooth vocals of the band Erasure, which loops through the game.

In more important news. The father of Venture Bros., Jackson Publick, has announced on his live journal (I have been blogging) that the show will return in August for the second half of the 4th season, complete with an hour long season finale. Check out all the news right HERE.
"Venture Industries. The future is WOW!"

Currently Listening To: I Don't Need You -- My Bloody Valentine

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  1. I've been playing Robot Unicorn Attack non-stop for the past month. It's amazing. You also have to watch Erasure's video for "Always". It's so strange but so wonderful. haha