Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Only Funny When They Get Hurt

I've come full circle animating wise. I started my career back when I was about 10 doing poorly filmed shaky stop motion claymation films in my room with makeshift sets and pounds of plasticine that most of which got stuck into my carpet. This week I'm delving back into my old bag of tricks to put together a claymation for my class. I shot some scenes tonight, which without any explanation don't make sense. But I promise you when all is said and down there will be an explanation.
This video does come back to one fact about the world. Clowns are not funny, they are only humorous when they are getting hurt in hilarious ways. Sadly animating a tiger mauling a clown was a little out of my range time and money wise. So a fool hanging from a tree branch is good enough. Demo reel is getting closer to completion, and I will post it as soon as I find some music to encompass it nicely.
In news that revolves more around me I want to thank anyone and everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I'm officially 22 now and my exciting birthday's are finally over. Now begins the black diamond slope of sad womb emergence days. But again thanks all, especially my girlfriend Erin.
(I am honored to share a birthday with this man, and one of my idols)
Also, if you didn't wish happy birthday to William Shatner yesterday now is your chance.

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