Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Bloody Good Thank You

So I finished the Kratos animation I was working on the past two days. Sorry for the dim color, the scanner I guess was in a state of depression this morning, and sorry for the lack of color till the end when Kratos shows why amateur optometry is just a hobby of his. Honestly if I had more time on my hands I would color this and make it look pretty, but I am to swamped with other project work and trying to fit as much onto my reel in a short amount of time.
Okay enough apologizing for lack of flare in my animations. I really want to thank everyone out there who reads my blog, and especially all of those who follow it. The line of work I hope to head into is all about exposure and getting your name out there. So in short, thanks again everyone who reads and follows me here. Spread it around to your friends, post up comments, send me links to your blogs/websites. Stay tuned for more and more stuff coming up in the near future, alot of sketches mainly.

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