Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kratos: Gets Down Deep Where Cyclops' Hide!

Again, I'm not a huge video game geek. But my second favorite video game (second only to '25 to Life') is God of War. Oh the bloody goodness of these games is so thick and delicious you could spread it on toast and then make a murder and violence sandwich. Not only is it an amazing hack n' slash game, but it's also loaded with good old fashioned Greek Mythology.
(probably as tame as those crazy Greeks get)
So God of War 3 is now out on shelves, most likely with blood and entrails seeping through the sides of the game case. I was able to play the demo while I was home in NJ last week. And I was not disappointed. The game is a metaphorical slaughter house wrapped in a steel cage match with lions chained to the corners of the ring, and that titling spike floor from Flash Gordon.
It's inspired me to do a short animation, so I drew up a few quick character sketches of the Ghost of Sparta himself.
So until I post it up here is a slow-motion video of some God of War gore.

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