Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Weather Equals Procrastination

So after being snowed in most of January the weather has finally gotten nice. Not just nice, but beautiful. Like easter basket beautiful. So trying to get work done indoors has been really hard when the sunshine is practically screaming at me through my window to go outside, and a light box doesn't work in Rittenhouse park. So this week is going to be the week of relentless animating on my part. Thankfully I managed to get half of my GoW animation done today.
I'm on the cusp of setting up my intern interview with Augenblick studios in hopes of getting a summer internship. If you don't know who Augenblick is, they're the studio that is currently putting out Ugly Americans on Comedy Central and were behind the Adult Swim hit Superjail! and if you don't know Superjail! than you don't deserve to have it explained to you. Go culture yourself.

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