Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blue vs. Red: TO THE EXTREME

Corey Haim died.
Hey they're making a new Tron movie. And not like a re-make let's try and take this excellent movie and make it shitty new, I mean a sequel.

From what I gathered from the trailer with my brilliant detective training is that it's 20 some years after the first Tron movie. The son of Kevin Flynn goes looking for his father who has been missing since the 80s. He discovers his father's old office behind the Tron arcade cabinet, and probably through some Honey I Shrunk the Kids hijinks is digitized by the Tron game and sent into the digital world. Oh and Olivia Wilde is in a skin tight black body suit.
I have high hopes for this movie, despite it being a sequel to a franchise that really stopped being popular more than two decades ago. My faith in this movie is based on the fact that Jeff Bridges is in it, and I feel that he wouldn't be involved with a movie unless it actually had some potential to make Avatar look like a high-res Smurf documentary.

I'll be back to Philly soon to shoot some of the decent amount of animations I've done since I've been home in NJ the past week. Also my 2010 demo reel will be done soon. Hopefully.

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