Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Posting!

So it is currently 3:37 AM. And here are 3 posts that have no connection with each other.

The Holy Grail of comics was sold today. We one of the few Holy Grails, kind of like that scene in Last Crusade. I'm speaking of course about Action Comics #1
A copy of this fine slice of comic history was sold at an auction for 1 million dollars. There are only about 100 or so copies of this comic left, and fewer in above average condition. The former highest selling price for an Action Comics #1 was $300,000+
Apparently nerds are getting wealthier. Check out this Comic Alliance link to see a list of the Most Expensive Comics.

Random Post #2
I am up so late because I was working on a stop-motion. Instead of elaborating I'll just show you the video I made of my Punisher action figure on my desk dancing to music I haven't yet made.

Random Post #3
The zombie genre is kind of getting sucked dry (not as much as vampires) but it's getting close. One of the few saving graces for brain eaters is the comic book 'Walking Dead'. Check out my comic awards to see why I have a warm place in my heart for Rick Grimes and his survivors.
A dramatic comic this popular deserves a live-action show depicting the comic. What? Oh right it's getting it. AMC has started pre-production on a live action version of...repeating myself. Who knows when the show will be on but here is a fan made film of a very heart wrenching scene from the books. SPOILER ALERT! Don't watch if you're not up to date with the books!
If you want to see the blog of a diehard 'Dead' fan check out Mikey Mullen's Blog.

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