Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitty Comes Home

Well if you read Uncanny X-Men, you're now aware that Kitty Pryde is making her return home to earth. For those of you that aren't complete comic book nerds let me explain where Shadowcat has been. Long story short Kitty used her mutant power of being able to phase through objects to its greatest extent by phasing into a giant world destroying space bullet, then caused the bullet to phase through earth saving the planet, and for nearly a year now Ms. Pryde has been zooming about the galaxy in a, what readers thought to be, an unstoppable space bullet. But Magneto (yes he's back too) is using his powers to stop the intergalactic ammunition.
So in honor of the return of one of Marvel's most prominent and Jewish characters I did a little sketch of Kitty and a poorly done version of her good friend/pet Lockheed. Shadowcat makes her return on March 17th in Uncanny X-Men #522.
Thank you Matt Fraction.
(nerd crush)

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