Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rumors of My Laziness Are Exaggerated

It has been over a month since my last post, and I apologize. With a hefty class schedule and an even heftier work load alot of my personal projects are sitting on a shelf staring at me with indifference. They're going to have to wait till I sweep clean my slate of current workshop projects.

Again sorry for the fall off in posts. So here's a quick summary of what the month of October held. First off NYC Comic-Con was a blast. Another great Con with great friends, and got to meet some awesome people. Including several voice actors from the show 'Ugly Americans', the amazing band Powerglove, and my idol Jackson Publick. Who gave me some great advice and was overall an awesomely nice guy.
Side note: if you're not watching season 4.5 of Venture Bros. you are missing out on some of the best writing and cartoon work on television.

My roommate and I also talked to the incredibly friendly members of the Boston based band, Powerglove.
Guaranteed to take every childhood melody you remember and make it melt your face. Yes, they were there in full Dino-Bone Battle Armor.

There are plenty of pictures from NYC CC on my facebook page.

Now enough about New York. I haven't been totally lazy. Quite the contrary. As I said before my classes are piling work on me, which doesn't give me much time to post personal sketches and illustrations.

My latest class project was an interdisciplinary piece where we had to find a student from a different major to work with. Thankfully some of my best friends are dancers, making the second part to this equation very simple. Check out the final product below.
Special thanks again to Amanda Hill. If you do meow and claw at our front door again though I'm gonna spray you with water.

I'm starting another project for class in a couple days, so I managed to squeeze in a quick animation of a character that is going to make a quick appearance in my junior film.
Look for him and several other paranormal creatures that will be turning up in my short. Also backgrounds, there will be backgrounds.

All for now. I promise I will update more frequently.

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