Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Back B*tch...With Webs!

I am back, after almost a month long absence from updating my blog here. I have cleared out the digital cobwebs and am officially moved back into the city I missed so much, Philadelphia. New house, new classes, new projects, new year. I'm going to kick off this year with a few drawings of some of my favorite Spider-Man characters.
As Spider-Man characters go, Spidey is easily the most boring of them costume wise. Also I hate drawing characters who were full head masks. It doesn't allow me to draw expression or emotion, so I drew him first to get it out of the way to make room for better characters.

Now I know you're saying that is not Spider-Man's costume at all. Agreed. But Peter Parker is a broke and struggling college student (or was). So he would lack the money needed to create a fully functioning and professional super hero suit. It would most likely be made up of blue sweatpants, tube socks, Reeboks, and a sleeveless shirt he swiped from Gold's Gym. The Mask? Masks are easy to buy, and yes that's sharpie for the webs.

In "Internship is over" news, I have wrapped up my summer internship with Augenblick Studios in Brooklyn. It was an awesome experience, and I will definitely be sending in a resume to them after I graduate. They did give me a very nice parting gift as well.

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