Friday, July 16, 2010

Russians & Rednecks

So I know it has been about a solid month since the discovery of the Russian spies living amongst us in the North-East area. One of the most famous being a Miss Anne Chapman (not her real name). I discovered this when I picked up a New York Post in Brooklyn several weeks ago and read an article that seemed to have been written by an editor for Playboy in 1977.
The words "vivacious" and "bombshell" appear quite often

Sadly the red-headed Russian spy (you may be able to see where I'm going with this) who is easily not only the most attractive but also the most interesting of all the spies is being deported back to the snow mines of Siberia.

Which brings me to a quick mention of the newest Black Widow comic. Read it, it's quite good.
In more comic book news, apparently the Westboro Baptist Church is going to be protesting outside of San Diego Comic Con, because we nerdy heathens worship super heroes as "false idols". Check out this link to Gamma Squad for more of the story.

The lunatics of that "Not-Really A" Church have turned from insane/evil fucking people (I'm serious, these people are the scum of the earth) to insane high school jocks mocking geeks. The thing is is that we are used to mockery, so having a picket line making fun of con attendees is pretty mild. I sadly will not be in San Diego, but I will be at NYC Comic Con for several days and if they do show their toothless ignorant heads there hopefully an overzealous Manhattan cop will choke out one of them with his nigh stick. We can only hope.

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