Friday, April 9, 2010

F*ck What You Heard!

In NJ with the girlfriend for the weekend. But that is not nearly as cool as what I'm about to show you. Ryan Ottley. If you're a comic book nerd (like me) than that name registers in the awesome section of your brain. But if you're not, than let me fill you in. Ryan Ottley is the artist on the comic series 'Invincible' and most recently 'Haunt'. The best way I can explain Ottley's style is as an extra large tub of popcorn that also has cotton candy, fancy rum, gummy bears, and 9mm shell casings mixed into it. Yeah it's that awesome and delicious.
Ottley's newest comic venture is a subject that Sci-Fi Channel executives get boners over. I'm not going to tell you anymore. Just look at the cover art and try not to be overwhelmed by fear and awesomeness.
Yeah...that just happened.
Also I know I called it Sci-Fi Channel. SyFy isn't a word. Get a dictionary you morons.
(This blog post brought to you by the word "awesome")

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