Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. Bubbles

I normally don't really talk much about video games unless they're extremely controversial or '25 to Life'
(excellence on a CD)

But it's February 10th, which means that Bioschock 2 has finally hit the shelves. I'm a wash of excitement for what could be one of the most amazing first person shooters ever. Not just technically, my good friend Steve Pizzo is going to write up a hands-on review that you'll be able to read on both my blog and his. I'm talking from a visual and creative stand point. The original Bioshock was incredible. Every inch of the underwater city Rapture was dripping with the despair and ghoulish feel that you'd expect from a aquatic despot metropolis, or a New Orleans basement. The eerie feel of the 1930s upper class culture still lingering while disfigured splicers creep in the shadows waiting to peel your face off was a brilliant combination of fear and immersion. And speaking of fear, The Big Daddy could honestly be one of the most terrifying video game characters ever. He is on the short list of enemies that make your balls shoot up into your body when you hear him nearby. Even little girls were made to be terrifying. If you haven't played Bioshock I'm talking about the Little Sisters. The hellish little girls that traveled with the Big Daddies harvesting blood from dead bodies with a giant rusty needle.
I tried my best to do a combination of both slightly cute and "don't touch me". Bioshock 2 apparently delivers all of the same gritty disturbances, excellent gameplay, and all around awesomeness as the first one, and then some.
And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without merch that nerds can purchase. Today's item is these lovely EVE Hypo replicas from the game.
And want to know the real selling point? They light up when you press the top. You can pick them up for a very reasonable price of $15.99 at Entertainment Earth.

A review will be posted up both here and on Steven Pizzo's BRAND NEW BLOG in the next coming days.

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