Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Cavalcade Of Blogging

So Philadelphia along with much of the east coast has been hit by a massive snow storm, pretty much forcing many to stay off the streets and stay inside. Me included. So a day of hibernation gave me oodles of time to surf the plethora of nerd blogs on the internet. And here are some of the highlights of todays skylarking.

Those crazy Norwegians. With their giant chocolate waterfalls and robot factories. Okay, I don't know anything about Norway other than the band Mayhem. But if this picture is an indication of anything it's that scuba instructors are really struggling to hold jobs over there.
Click here! to see the Google Maps street view of this manic aquatic masters chasing after the camera car with garden tools.

What happens when you take adorable 1930 style cartoon carnival animals and characters and raise them next to a red zone in Chernobyl? You get the Carnies Mini Series from Kid Robot.
Including Mr. Narwhal here, there is also a trash can robot, two headed hobo dog, and a creepy pig just to name a few.

Even snow men are prone to zombie outbreaks and will turn on the ones they love.

The new number one rated comedy podcast on itunes is The Nerdist Podcast, the personal website of one Mr. Chris Hardwick. A master of the comedic arts and a professional nerd. So go to his site or itunes and listen to the hilarious debut podcast that features comedians Tom Lennon and Jonah Ray.
Check out The Nerdist for other geeky news.

Do you know anyone who wears a watch? Yeah me neither, but I think I may have finally found a reason to carry a time piece around with me. Based off the very same watch that 00.05 uses in the amazing (that's an understatement) comic book series The Umbrella Academy.
The pocket watch costs $130 and comes with a figurine of the hilariously insane and deadly 00.05 as well as a collectable case and will match with any other UA apparel you may own. Like a Kraken patch sewn onto the back pocket of your messenger bag perhaps.

Okay that's enough procrastinating. Time to get back to work. Right after I abuse Sporcle for a good two hours.

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