Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did You Sculpt Them Yourself?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extreme, full on, die hard Venture Bros. fan. To me nothing else compares. I am currently listening to Season 3 commentary while I type this blog.
(my official Venture-Roo wristband. Tattoo on the way.)
That being said I had a nerdgasm when I finally saw the prototype models for the Venture Bros. dolls that were vaguely eluded to on Jackson Publick's live journal. Yes dolls, they're not action figures because an action figures requires the toy to do some kind of action like kung-fu grip or Bobba Fett missile pack.
(Speed suits are fashionable in any size)
The figures bare the same kind of articulation and look to that of old G.I. Joes from the 1970s before they got shrunk down and had black rubber bands within their pelvis'. These are only the prototypes and won't be available till August, but swing by Entertainment Earth and salivate over the wonderfulness of these soon to be released dolls. Yes. Dolls.

Currently Listening To: Commentary for 'Buddy System' on Venture Bros. Season 3

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