Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vampire Genre Being Sucked Dry

Remember when vampires were scary and cool. And they couldn't go out in sunlight and terrified people because they were immortal creatures of death born out of shadow and ancient lore? Me too. But then somebody gave Stephanie Meyer a computer and she wrote a book series about some awkward bucked tooth chick falling in love with a douche nozzle who has the skin of a disco ball and the brooding styles of James Dean on horse tranquilizers. And now the once dark and entertaining world of vampires has turned into the fan fiction of a 15 year old girl with Nightmare Before Christmas sharpie tattoos. Of course with any fad that is swirling through its way through the blood stream of American culture comes shitty and overly weird merchandise. I myself, being a fan of novelty was given one of the items on the list below by my good friend and fellow nerd Joe Glading.

In case you were wondering it tasted like kool-aid with way too much powder and not enough water. Take a look at some other obscure and extremely weird objects. And you'll want to hand sanitize your brain when you see the product the Japanese are pan handling to females. Also sorry for the bad pun that is the title of this post.

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