Sunday, November 15, 2009

Natural 20

So I finished up a rough story reel for my final project. It is coming in at 23 seconds of the 30 seconds that I need, but I still haven't gotten the timing down perfectly for each scene yet. Also I still need to find EPIC BATTLE MUSIC for the project as well so I've been skulking through the Turner library of stock music. But aside from the mundane details let's focus on the story reel. The hero of the animation isn't completely fleshed out. I've been drawing hordes of character faces looking for a good one. The character in the story reel is pretty much just a place holder until I come up with a better one. Same for the goblins and the dragon. I have been looking through my friend Noah's Dungeons and Dragons handbook for reference art to go off of. But without further rambling here is said story reel.

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