Thursday, November 5, 2009

Royal Flush Magazine, Kevin Smith, and Despair

Alot has been happening the past week. The Phillies managed to lift my spirits and dash my dreams of another world series in a matter of two days. I've learned that a brand new drawing pencil can be turned into a tiny stub of wood and graphite when you spend 20 hours in an animation studio over the course of three days. And the good news amongst the clouds of despair and sleepless nights is that online magazines are fantastic. I know I'm probably a good five years behind on this, but a friend of mine sent me a link of the latest issue of Royal Flush Magazine.
Aside from the awesome story about the meeting of two masters of their craft the issue is filled with amazing cartoon work, hilarious interviews, Leslie Nielsen retrospects, and a fantastic calendar for november by artist Brian Ewing. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of satire and the absurd.

In other nerd news, if you're in center city of Philadelphia tonight, make your way over to the Merriam Theater and purchase yourself a ticket for "An Evening with Kevin Smith". Bound to be a good time. Complete with comic book talk, movie Q&A, and more curse words than an Irish wharf at noon.

Onto the artwork portion of the post...there is none. As I stated before I have been on a marathon of animation work for my mid-term project, which I will be finishing up sometime between the hours of midnight and dawn. I have a slew of character sketches down in my sketchbook that I'm hoping to ink and color sometime this weekend when I'm back home in NJ for a few days. So next post I promise there will be new artwork up and even some possible animations if Father Time allows so.

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