Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meddling Kids!

Well Halloween weekend has come on gone. It was a combination of hours of studio work, viewings of the films Troll and Troll 2, and consumption of alcohol while dressed as Mystery Inc. at a party filled with green lazer pointers and two girls dressed in elaborate unicorn costumes. Projects are finally done... for now, and I'm hopefully going to get a free moment to do some of my own personal stuff and upload it sooner rather than later. And to go along with the picture above is a nice little illustration that Travis Pitts posted on his blog
Glad to see Velma ditched the lesbian-esque sweater in times of zombie warfare. I honestly thought she'd be the first one to go with the whole "I can't see without my glasses" thing.

Currently Listening To: Heads Will Ache -- Owen

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