Monday, November 30, 2009

Head In The Clouds: The Stilt Man Story

He may be gone, but he isn't forgotten. Okay yes he is, but every now and then come across comic book characters that are logged in the rolodex of trivial information that is my mind and reflect on what made them stick with me. Stilt Man's popularity came from the mere fact that he was one of the lamest super villains ever. No super powers, no depth, and all of his super villainy came out of his extendable legs that came with his chrome scuba suit. The man's powers were equal to that of any cheesy spy with high rising Italian loafers from the 1960s.
Sadly, Wilbur Day met his end thanks to the scary end of a gun carried by Frank Castle himself. But one question arises, was Stilt Man being punished because he was a criminal, or a man who was misunderstood and living in a world that he was too unique for? We may never know. God bless you Stilt Man, you are a shining gleam of light atop the crystal pyramid of comic book mediocrity.

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