Thursday, August 4, 2011

How About You Just Don't Say Anything? Please?

There has been a large change in the Marvel Universe. Well, the Ultimate line at least. Peter Parker is no more and taking up the mask of Spider-Man is Miles Morales. A half-Black half-Puerto Rican 14 year old.

I'm not even a big Spider-Man fan and I'm even excited for this. It takes serious chrome plated balls for a company like Marvel to kill of such a top tier character like Peter Parker, and than layer that chrome scrotum with titanium for making the character Black/Latino. In my honest opinion it adds a brand new dimension to the character, and opens up so many more story lines for Spider-Man.
But all is not well in the decrepit forest of Republican Land. The Goblin King known as Glenn Beck blames Michelle Obama for the character change. I'm going to repeat that, because it is a statement that requires repeating as to make sure you didn't read a typo or black out. Glenn Beck blames Michelle Obama.

Click play on the embedded video to hear Beck give you another reason to wonder why he is allowed to speak in a public forum.

It's really incredible how he constantly says he doesn't care about comic books or Spider-Man, but continues to complain. It's just another topic for him to fire off on and express his distaste for Democrats, and also to show what a douche bag he is.

Enough of the Spider-Man news already. We know there's a movie coming out. When is someone going to make a 'League of Extraordinary Gentleman' movie already?

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