Sunday, July 24, 2011

SDCC 2011 Blog Dump

No, I did not attend San Diego Comic-Con this year. So for those of you who didn't attend as well here is some of the big news that you might not of heard of.
A crazed fan dressed in a poor quality Spider-Man costume grabbed the mic before the 'Amazing Spider-Man' panel proclaiming that Spider-Man saved his life. The lunatic turned out to be Andrew Garfield in disguise, which explains why he wasn't tackled by Con security. Video right HERE!
The DC reboot took a real blow from...sorry, I meant nothing happened to change the DC reboot. A handful of Jokers and Harley Quinns stood awkwardly outside the Con, with people not really knowing what they were protesting. Video and more pics via Comics Alliance HERE!
Speaking of "reboot". No, not the 90s show about computer games. Images of the unlettered panels of Jim Lee's 'Justice League' #1 have been released. A comic that might get me interested in DC titles again. Aside from Secret Six, that is still awesome. Panels HERE!
A pedi-cab outside of the Con allowed people the chance to sit in the iron throne from the show 'Game of Thrones'. The driver had to stop however when a small blonde boy sitting in the throne was mistaken for Joffrey and hit with a thrown bottle.

On the topic of small blond boys, the trailer for the film 'Knights of Badassdom' premiered at Comic-Con.
The film stars Ryan Kwanten of 'True Blood' Steve Zhan, Danny Pudi, Summer Glau of 'Firefly' and Peter Dinklage from 'Game of Thrones'. How can it not be good?
The Oni Press Supernatural Western comic 'The 6th Gun' will be coming to your television soon via the Sci-Fi channel. I still will not call it by its fake word name.

All for now! If you want to see some photos from the Con Filmdrunk has an excellent photo diary up on their website. You can jump straight to it HERE!

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