Friday, July 22, 2011

Martin Sheen Sense Is Tingling!

Granted it 'Spider-Man 3' was released in 2007 and 4 years seems kinda early to reboot a franchise, but I'm looking for anything to wash the image of Toby Maguire with emo bangs swing dancing out of my brain. So I'm sort of excited to see the character get a shot of adrenaline in the up-coming film 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

This cast seems almost too good to fail, and aside from the 'Mirrors Edge' footage that snuck into the end there the rest of it looks solid. Also, Web Shooters!
Can Andrew Garfield display more emotion than Maguire in this role? Yes, the answer is yes.
I don't think sweater vests are getting a reboot anytime soon.

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