Thursday, July 28, 2011

And We Owe Them Money?

My list of why 'World of Warcraft' ruins lives just got a new addition. Fresh out of China comes a story that should be reserved for a nerdy future version of Dickens. Chinese couple Li Lin and Li Juan have a powerful WoW addiction. So much so that to fuel their raid filled nights in internet cafes that they SOLD THEIR CHILDREN. I put that in caps because it needed to be.
As if being a middle child wasn't hard enough. Ask my sister Jaclyn, they sold their middle child for $500. Now the five of you that read this blog are probably thinking "what awful people!"

Wait, there's more. Apparently there must've been an Artisan Riding Skill up for sale (researched that joke) because the $500 was not enough. The couple then sold their other two children for $4,200. Which makes me think two things. Number one, how ugly was the middle child that they only got half a grand for it. And two, what the fuck is wrong with these lunatics?!

Thankfully these two will be spending the rest of their lives behind bars and their kids have gone to parents who only play Stratego.

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