Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Been So Long

This blog is full of digital cob webs and pixelated dust. I have returned to clean it out.
After nearly a month (more if you don't include my poor Batman joke) I have finally come back to post something of worth again on my blog.

Since Vimeo has a megabyte limit to what you can upload I stupidly put my demo reel up instead of my finished Jr. Thesis. Come Monday it will be uploaded, but until then watch my Demo Reel and show it to your friends. Do that 'Pay It Forward' thing, except don't have a burned face like Kevin Spacey, but somehow stab Haley Joel Osmet. He's not doing anything anymore, he'll probably welcome the death.

And since I'm a complete attention whore here is a commercial that my good friends Cameron Sizemore and Mark Cambria directed and filmed. Starring Kyle Hamilton, Cameron, Michael Englisis, myself, and a mob of extras.

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