Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suck Monkeys Beware

I am currently working on a project for one of my animation courses where I need to design a character and do a turn around for said character. And of course I have way to many characters both in my head and roughly designed in sketchbooks to chose from. So I re-visited and re-designed a character in a script from Season 1 of 'Near Mint'. My slowly growing project made out of immense love, compassion, and boredom that attacked my brain while going to school in NJ. But instead of launching into the premise and the road that lead to the idea of writing a show I'll just post up the 3rd or 4th rough draft of a favorite character of mine. Gabe Van Helsing.
The character of Gabe Van Helsing is a mix of Corey Feldman via 'The Lost Boys' and the famous Rowsdower from the classically bad film 'The Final Sacrifice' physically. Character wise he is a little deeper than that, but it's not hard to believe that there is little below the surface and his Foreigner T-shirts. Like I said this character has been drawn and drawn again multiple times, and probably will be again. But he fills his purpose for now.

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