Monday, January 31, 2011

Cross-City Teamwork!

During my time off from school I was itching to do something outside the realm of animation. After my return from my booze sabbatical to Key West and several weeks of settling back into the cold and harsh tundra of Philadelphia I was given the chance to plunge into the realm writing for my friend Ky DiGregorio's fantastic music website, Sound System NYC.

My first album review for the site is the excellent new album by Chicago lo-fi/glam rock band Smith Westerns.
You can read my review HERE as well as the other awesome reviews written by excellent writers and get the latest news on upcoming shows throughout the five boroughs.

Also do yourself a favor and check out Ky's other websites. They're healthy for your eyes and brain.

You can also follow her on Twitter!

Currently Listening To: Decatur - Sufjan Stevens

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