Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 2010 Atomic Kid Comic Book Awards

Snowed in and animating. Figured what better time to do this then.
There are going to be less categories this year than last, but still going to cover the big ones.

Best Writer:
Jason Aaron
Jason Aaron edged out my original pick (Mike Carey, writer of 'Unwritten') immediately after I read 'Scalped'. The comic about crime in a meth riddled Indian reservation. Aaron is also doing an excellent job of bringing grit and drama back to mainstream comics like his 'Punisher MAX' series, and is doing Wolverine the way its supposed to be done. Full of violence and cigar smoke.

Best Artist:
J.H. Williams III
What can I say about Mr. Williams III that I haven't already said when he won last year? Only that he keeps getting better and better. Hands down the number 1 artist in the business. It's to the point that he makes some artists look downright awful. Hear me Greg Land? Honorable mention to Darwyn Cooke and his latest masterpiece 'The Outfit'.

Best Comic Series of 2010:
The Walking Dead
The champ keeps his belt. We all know why. Kirkman is in a league of his own. And the TV adaptation is just as good. If you're not reading it you're truly missing out. Moving on!

My Choice for Comic of the Year:
Uncanny X-Men
Doing battle with Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers, Magneto returning from space with his powers, Hope emerging as a mutant messiah, New Atlantis resting as a pillar underneath the island of Utopia. Yeah, they have a fucking island now! And of course, the return of Kitty Pryde from her journey inside a giant space bullet. These are just a few of the events that have been taking place within the pages of Uncanny X-men. I know it may come off as biased since Matt Fraction is my favorite writer and X-Men is my favorite comic, but seriously it is that good. I cut my teeth on X-Men comics and this is easily one of the greatest runs ever. Granted, whenever Greg Land comes on to do pencils it makes me want to call Marvel and rant about how tracing isn't artwork, the writing overshadows it. Deaths, re-births, strange bed fellows, Cyclops becoming a bad-ass, and the possible saving of the mutant race. Fraction is really pulling out all the stops, and I feel sorry for whoever tries to pick up where he leaves off.

R.I.P. Nightcrawler

There you have it. I really apologize for the lack of posts, but I am extremely busy, even during my break from school. But I do have two things to post. Really just one, but the other is part of the sum. I've made a vimeo account, which you can find HERE! I prefer it over Youtube, and if you have an account as well, please feel free to add me to your contacts. And I will have a new animated short up on New Year's Day.

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