Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do Bad Things

If it's no surprise to anyone I'm a huge True Blood fan. It is a vampire show that is doing it right. Extremely gory, vicious, and intense vampires. And it's filled with sex, violence, vampires dying in sunlight, amazingly gorgeous women, and werewolves that don't rough house shirtless with a bunch of Native American dudes.
Oh, yeah. And savage backwards head sex. Its got that too.

This season in particular has been way more brutal than it has been in the past and I am in full support of that. Sadly though one of my favorite (and the most attractive) characters Jessica was not in last nights episode, which is just wrong. I did draw up a quick little sketch of her today in my tiny sketchbook while taking a break from riding around the neighborhood today.
If you did watch the latest episode you witnessed the morbid and incredibly messy staking of a character within the first 30 seconds of the episode. Aside from it being awesome it did make think of the proper tools for snuffing out Le Vampire. Here are some fancy prop sets that I found on Super Punch.
Both have been tested and approved by Corey Feldman.

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