Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take That Creationism! More Proof That You're Stupid.

Anyone who has seen the horror movie 'Jesus Camp' knows that extreme Evangelists who believe in Creationism are not only stupid but they're not to be trusted.
Any kid with a rat-tail that long and an extreme Christian background is bound for Grand Dragon

I stumbled across this amazing video, which features the dream team of art and science. Proving again that evolution vs. creationism is like a gorilla fighting a blind kid that wandered into its cage wearing a suit made out of whatever gorillas eat.

In the spirit of evolution I'm trying to expand my drawing styles, and 'childish' has been the latest one I've started to tackle. That explains the adorable dinosaur with a book for a torso.

And most importantly I want to say rest in peace to my Grandfather, Jack Murray. A man who taught me the meaning of strength. You taught me more than anyone could even try to.

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