Monday, July 26, 2010

San Diego Comic Con Notes

I have returned home from camping and SDCC 2010 has been over since Monday. Here are some of the highlights from Nerd Prom.

Number one stunna from the Con were the counter-protesters. I did a post about a week ago about how the lunatics from the Westboro Baptist Church (not really a church as much as it is a family business that manufactures crazy and racism) were going to be protesting at SDCC because it promotes the worship of false idols. In response to this a mob of nerds stood across the street offering their own protest signs.
There are plenty more hilarious photos of the nerdy counter-protesters and a quick interview with Gail Simone and Jesus right HERE!

The precursor post about Comic Con that I made was about the cast of 'Avengers' being revealed, bringing closure to the rumors (now fact) that Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo will be playing Hawkeye and Bruce Banner. Also, the incredible Joss Whedon is the official director and screen-writer of the film. There was a collective expansion of boners in Hall H when this was announced, along with the reveal of the official logo.
Marvel also revealed exhibits displaying Captain America's Shield, Thor's Hammer, the Infinity Gauntlet, the helmets of Thor, Odin, and Loki, and plenty of other film goodies. Marvel Studios did release a small bit of rough footage from the upcoming 'Captain America' movie showing Hugo Weaving portraying the Red Skull with such amazing skill and charisma that it creeped people out. Maybe not as much as the Human Centipede cos-players. No I will not post a picture. Those people are sick in the head.

On the DC film side much of the buzz was around 'Green Lantern' and its actors.
Abin Sur, an alien being made out of frosting

There was a Comic Con exclusive release of the trailer, which you won't get to see on here because they actually smashed people's cameras before the screening (may not be true).
There were some interviews of attendees who were lucky enough to see the trailer and reaction seemed positive, despite Ryan Reynolds is in the movie.

Quick but exciting news from Astro-Base Go! Venture Bros. Season 4.5 is will be premiering September 12th on Adult Swim. Go Team Venture!

If you like spies and Adam Reed the second season of 'Archer' will be making its return to TV soon as well...Danger Zone.

The Scott Pilgrim Movie panel was packed to the rafters with people to see Michael Cera answer questions while dressed in a Captain America Halloween costume. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost came out on stage, getting people excited by the idea that they might be in the film, but Edgar Wright killed everyone's mojo by saying they were just there as a teaser. FACE!

Sadly San Diego has become more of a film festival and not alot of actual comic book news makes its way out onto the internet pipelines. There is news about a new X-Men series hitting stores soon. Oh and Wolverine is getting 4 new comic books to flood the market with. We get it, people like Wolverine. He doesn't need 15 different comics!

The 'Green Hornet' movie did offer some pretty attractive booth babes this year. But aside from that I didn't bother to read anything else about the film.
On a more hilarious note there was the first ever Comic Con stabbing. A man wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt attacked a fellow attendee who took his seat at the panel for Resident Evil: Afterlife. Really? You stabbed a guy in the eye with a pen for a seat at that panel? Up your standards a bit man. At least save the Bic equipped assault for 'Tron: Legacy' or even 'Sucker Punch'.

And in the latest news Marvel has just released the 'Thor' trailer they previewed in the infamous Hall H. Here's a look.
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