Monday, May 3, 2010

100 Posts Strong

Instead of making a big deal about reaching 100 posts on my blog, I'm going to do an Iron Man post instead in anticipation of the upcoming film.
My first time drawing Mr. Stark in a while, and I did a mash-up of his older suit (circa 80s-90s, or the Avengers arcade game if you remember) and a little bit of his latest look.

Who doesn't enjoy franchises? Marvel sure does. Here's some of the latest Iron Man Merch to come out for the film.

1. Limited Edition Iron Man Cologne by DIESEL
Okay, any nerd will argue that Iron Man doesn't run on diesel, but on the charge of the arc reactor powering his heart, which he had to install...blah blah nerd talk blah. Having never smelled this man-grance (fragrance for men) I'm just going to guess that is it a mixture of dry vermouth, motor oil, and massage lotion left over from the June cover model of FHM magazine.

2. Iron Man Operation
Now this is a toy I can get behind. Mainly since it takes away the creepiness of performing surgery on a strange, pear shaped, asexual man who has a body full of objects that should never be inside any human. I only hope they got rid of the ear raping buzz noise that happens when your shaky adolescent hands hit the metal sides.

3. Iron Man Helmet
No banter. No jokes. Do want! $30? I'll see you when I get my first pay-check this summer. Yes, I know I'm 22 years old.

Since it is officially May I'm going to jump into my comic bin rather early. This month's graphic novel is the Iron Man comic 'Demon in a Bottle'.
One of the most quintessential Iron Man comics of all time, 'Demon' crams classic action, a cavalcade of villains, a good handful of the Avengers, casinos, plane crashes, The Sub Mariner, Jarvis' dying mom, and assassination plots into an 8 issue collection.
The writing team of Bob Layton and David Michelinie did an excellent job of injecting a human problem like alcoholism into a superhero, and John Romita Jr.'s art does an excellent job at portraying that. Especially the cover art. If you're an Iron Man fan and haven't read this book then there is something wrong with your brain.

The film comes out May 7th and I'm positive that several of my nerdy friends with blogs will do reviews, saving me from having to write one up. So go out and support Stark Industries this friday.
And yes, I am a stock holder.

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