Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emilio Will Not Be Attending

Now Jude Law may or may not actually be the robotic sex droid he portrayed in that atrocious movie AI, because he honestly doesn't age or malfunction. And he usually picks awesome roles to act in (we won't talk about eXistenZ).
His newest movie Repo Men looks like it's going to change him from a charming British eye candy for women into a bloody (literal), organ stealing, corporate employee with a passion for ass-kicking. So in anticipation for this movie I'm posting up a little page out of my trusty tiny sketchbook depicting my first attempts at drawing a cartoon Jude Law.
Now according to the trolls on youtube and other movie websites this movie is a complete knock-off of 'Repo! The Genetic Opera', but than again when do you hear anyone talking about a rock opera that starred Paris Hilton and Giles from 'Buffy'? Maybe a lot if you frequent goth conventions or industrial rock shows, but besides those two scenarios odds are slim to none.
Enjoy the trailer and Forest Whitaker's googly peeper.

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