Monday, February 1, 2010

You Lost Me at Polar Bear

Okay so I really don't know anything about Lost, like at all. My knowledge of the show boils down to 5 things. Smoke monster. Polar Bear. The dad from 'Quints' gets blown up at the end of season 1. John Locke is crazy. And I think I heard something about a time machine once. So to honor 'Lost' on it's 6th and final season I dedicate this quick wacom sketch of Hurley to J.J. Abrams. I also have a Denny's coupon here for him should he decide return my calls.

Currently Listening To: Finish Line -- Fanfarlo


  1. A polar bear showed up a couple times in the first season and that's all. It really isn't a big part of LOST at all.

    Also, John Locke IS NOT crazy. He is the only sane one!

  2. Liam decided to wake up at 9pm last night and stayed awake until 11pm just to watch LOST with us. Kinda creepy that he was so focused on it.