Thursday, February 4, 2010

What If the Hurricane Was Called...

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us. All over the nation people are getting ready for the big game with chicken wings and beer. I am rooting for the New Orleans Saints, any city that can be destroyed by a natural disaster and then come back to make it to the Super Bowl deserves everyone's support. In honor of this I drew up a little sketch of former Saints coach and the only human being to be made out of steak and motor oil, Mike Ditka.
Now this is the kind of intensity every QB in the NFL needs. Especially the NFC East. Otherwise you end up with a guy who will perpetually fold in the play-offs. An 11 season veteran who can't wrap his mind around not throwing on 3rd and 2. And a QB who may or may not have down syndrome that phones it in half way through the season. I'm not including Jason Campbell in this because I don't consider the Redskins a team after the past season and the fact that they sunk $100 million into the lumbering wall that is Albert Haynesworth.
(Drew Brees Speech Coach)
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